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2016 Gristmill Grinder



2017 Gristmill Grinder registration is closed - we are full!

April 15th, 2017 is the date, see you at Babcock! 



WOW! What a race!! Once again, another Grinder goes in the books. I look forward to this all year, I wasn't kidding when I said I waited 365 days, it was so true. With a great turnout and absolutely fantastic weather a brave and quite large group of smiling runners and walkers headed out for a tour of the park! After the runners take off, we let the dust settle for a few minutes and then our 5K walker/runners line up. This is important to us here and bears a special mention. We have always encouraged families and friends to come and participate in the walk. What a great opportunity for people to get together and get active and here it is a beautiful place to do that. Some runners let their kids walk alone - I do. It's a safe environment, really we (the grinders) have taken over the park! This year an after school running club from Ansted Middle School was on hand with their teacher and leader Kate Miller to toe the line. I am so proud of them - and of the impact that Active SWV is having all around the region in our communities! Thanks all of you for joining us in the 5K and a huge tip of the hat to you guys!!


This year once again, we had many new folks to welcome to the Grinder - and this year I decided to just keep the prerace talk short and let Babcock do the talking- and OH YES it did! Some amazing photos on the Facebook group and some stories that may make you laugh and/or cry at the same time. If you are on Facebook you should really join that group, lots of trail runner joy there! The run for new folks is such a journey, and for new trail runners - wow. The course has everything you can imagine and some things you didn't imagine until you saw it and went "I can't believe this...".


But the returning folks have it all dialed in and know what is coming. That doesn't make it any easier, they just know what to expect. It is so interesting to me to hear how your run went and how the journey plays out. I just love it. Beth and I have spent so many hours and miles there it just is cool to hear how other folks react to Babcock. 


This year the Grinder would have new Winners in both the Women and Men Catagories! Our overall winner for the women and a returning runner from Athens, Ohio was Audrey Larrimer with a time of 1:52:56! Close on her heels was Holly Bailey from Charleston with a time 1:55:32 -- Excellent job ladies!! Our Men had a new overall wimmer too - local runner Adam Coon from Meadow Bridge and a teacher at Ansted Middle School came in with an amazing time of 1:25:07!! Not far behind was returning champion from Huntington Robert Smith with a super fast time of 1:27:53. Fantastic times for both of you guys and Congratulations! Some younger runners too made a great showing - like Ian Bibb from Oak Hill. Ian had a time of 2:01:40. Our youngest runner this day would be Aaron Lawson from Paintsville, KY who is 10 years old! Aaron was running with his parents;-D who are regulars at our Babcock races. Our youngest female competitor - was Willa Lynch, a 12 year old from from Walker, WV. Great to have you with us Willa!

Pretty amazing isn't it? We have some elite runners, some kids new to this distance and trails and a lot of people that just want to see what this Babcock race is all about. Well now you know. Spread the word and the trail love! We will be opening our Babcock Sticks & Stones 15k registration on May 1st - check it out on the sidebar. Anytime you want to meet at Babcock and run - give us a shout and we will see you there. Until then - Happy Trails!!

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