The Course

The half marathon trail run consists of a "figure 8" loop course. It begins with a short road section at the beginning before turning left and jumping onto a single track trail named “Triple Creek”. This single-track trail leads runners into a wilderness area crossing…You guessed it- three creeks. Climbing to a high point on the rim at the intersection with the “Wilderness Trail” you can see across the Glade Creek Canyon. Nice view- you will soon be on the rim way across the canyon on the Skyline Trail! The Wilderness trail then widens and drops down to the road near the Gristmill. Runners cross the bridge at the Gristmill, turn right and run up the road and then left and down toward the cabins and soon are back in the woods on “Skyline”. This trail is well named! After a steep, short climb the Skyline parallels the cliff line and offers several beautiful overlooks.


This is a race though so don’t dawdle! Come back and check the overlooks out another day. After the initial climb, the trail is gradual and rolling. It is classic and beautiful trail running. A water stop and short road section follows at the end of the trail, that takes you down to Mann's Creek. A left turn takes you onto the "Narrow Gauge Trail".

This trail is rugged, and spectacular! Waterfalls, rocks, mud, everything a trail runner could ever hope for. Runners will eventually cross Glade Creek on the "Bouncy Bridge" (aka - the very slippery bridge when wet!) The trail then begins a gradual climb up to and past the Gristmill again. (Here comes the Grind...) After passing the Gristmill, runners take the “Lakeview” trail on the left, up to and around Boley Lake to the road near the finish. There is a gradual uphill grade approaching the finish.

Three aid stations, at miles 2.5, 6 and 11 will have water, sports drink, moral support and communications.